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Free Workout Plans for Men That Are As Effective As Having a Gym Membership

free workout plans for men

Free Workout Plans for Men That Are As Effective As Having a Gym Membership

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Daily Burn lists 19 reasons why people work out. These reasons are mostly focused on health and wellness of individuals. When you have a good and healthy body, you get more out of your life, more adventure, fun, fulfillment, and confidence. The benefits of working out are not just limited to the aesthetic results, because there are a lot of things at play. Whatever reasons you have for it, if you want to achieve it, than you will definitely find ways to hit the mark, even if you’re a cheapskate.


Answers to questions like, “How do you know which routine works best for me?” or “What other things should I do in addition to the routine I am doing?” aren’t really that complicated,  as long as you have the right guide and coach to teach you. However, often times these guides and trainers mean spending money. So here’s are some tips and guides that will help you start working out even if you’re broke. But before we show you how to get free workout plans, we need to take a little bit of time to define which workout plan works best for you.


How to Know Which One Works Best for You


There are so many workout plans for men. It can be a bit challenging to pick out which one would be best for you, because every person has their own personal preferences and innate physical differences. If you really want to excel and reach your fitness target through a certain workout routine, there are a few things that you need to consider.

body types1. Body Type

Your body type plays a very important role in choosing what kind of workout to go with. Since body type can define the purpose of the workout. Some individuals want to grow their muscles, so they need workout routines to build muscle. For others, who want to trim off excess flab, workout routines for men to lose weight are a better choice. Body Building suggests that there are three kinds of body types:  ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.


  • Ectomorph  

    Ectomorphs have a very lean and long body. They are programmed to burn off fat quickly, especially when they follow a certain workout routine. This might sound really good for a handful of people, but if you’re among the individuals who are aiming towards a more muscular body, then you will find it a bit more challenging to reach that goal.  Ectomorphs are known to have flat chest, stringy muscles, and a small body structure. Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee and Toby Maguire are among the popular examples of ectomorphs that managed to gain a good physique.


  • Mesomorph 

    Mesomorphs are characterized by their athletic, superbly lean, strong and muscular bodies. Among the different body types, they are dubbed to be genetically perfect because of their body’s ability to adapt to a particular routine without any hassle at all. If you want to know how mesomorphs look like then you can look at Bruce Willis, Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney.


  • Endomorph 

    When it comes body building and workout, endomorphs have a very hard time. They are genetically predisposed to get fat, so even with the extra workout, burning away the excess fat is not that easy. It requires more effort. Sometimes, it also requires the help of other health routines.


2. Personal Fitness Goals

fitness gols

When it comes to doing anything involving your body, one of the primary considerations you should have, is your personal fitness goal. This plays a huge role in anything that you do. What do you want to achieve at the end of the day?


    • Increasing your endurance and power

      Developing endurance and power lets you participate in more physical activities like hiking, running and swimming. If you’re a huge fan of these kinds of activity, you can pick a workout routine that will help you develop these two. Workout plans for this involves plenty of cardio exercises combined with less rest.


    • Improve flexibility

      Improving your flexibility is a crucial part of your health. An expert from Medical University of South Carolina said that the third pillar of health is flexibility. This plays a significant role in helping you prevent injuries, and some health impairments like arthritis. There are several types of workout routines you can do to improve your flexibility, like Yoga, Pilates and dancing. There are also some routines that can affect it negatively, like running and cycling.


    • Build muscles

      Men’s Fitness lists 10 ways to build muscle. One of which is to consume more protein rich food. Protein plays a huge role in body building. Experts like Men’s Fitness suggest that you should eat a gram of protein for every pound of your weight, then couple that with a muscle building exercise routine.


    • Lose weight

      A huge part of the population is a bit overweight. Individuals who are suffering from this condition aim to become healthier by trimming off the excess pounds. For this goal, high intensity activities like Zumba or Spinning are recommended. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works best for losing weight because it can help burn off the extra calories stored in your body.


3. Your Current Situation

fitness journey


  • Beginner

Beginner’s workout routines for men involve squats, weight lifting, push-ups, and bridges. These are necessary for individuals to get more acquainted with their new fitness training. This helps them get to know the basics first before they move on to the more advanced workout plans.  This will also help establish the weak and strong points that a person needs to work on.


  • Injured

For athletes with injuries, or fitness enthusiasts who have suffered from previous accidents, these minor setbacks won’t stop them from going back to their usual workout routine. But, before going back to the normal training, one should always take into consideration the necessary steps to do to prevent further injuries.


  • Busy Bee

If you can’t allot a timeslot in your schedule for your gym workout, then you can try free workout plans that don’t require you to visit the gym. There are super short routines that you can do, so you can work your muscles and improve your body’s flexibility, agility and power. And you can do them at home or outdoors.


  • Tight on Cash

Going to the gym can be a bit expensive. So, if you’re tight on your budget, but you want to stay in good shape, there are  several workout routines that you can do, that don’t require the use of  specific gym equipment. For example, you can rely on o guide you on your workout journey and of course using the resources in the next section of this article.


Where Can Men Get Free Workout Plans?


Workout plans for men need not  cost a lot. There are a number of platforms that you can use to get access to free services and pick up useful information. In an age where internet is widely used for a variety of purposes, it is impossible not to find a good source of material for an effective workout routine.

youtube workouts

YouTube Channels That Give Result


YouTube has become a source of valuable information about all sorts of things, like reviews, tutorials, product demo, and even fitness training. Here are the best channels that you can go to for additional knowledge about workout routines.


Achieving six-pack abs is a common priority of a lot men, and Six Pack Shortcuts is the best man to help you get to that goal. He has tons of videos that focus a different routines and the theory behind them. His teaching style lets you learn the science behind a certain workout before you fully get into it.  He has a habit of talking even while he’s doing a routine to guide you along the way and to make you feel more at ease with what you’re doing.


This YouTube channel is hosted Elliot Hulse. He is popular among the fitness community as the man who’s not too shy to curse while shooting his fitness videos, and while this can be a bit off, several individuals who had the pleasure of meeting him in person shared that he wasn’t really that into cursing. In fact, his unique approach and his sincere motivation helps everyone be more in control of their workout routine so they can achieve their goals.


Simple workout routines for men are very common around different YouTube channels but if you want something more creative, Barstarzz offers a variety of routines involving calisthenics. Their routines can be done anywhere since most of their videos are shot outdoors. Apart from providing fitness routines, they also have a several videos that talk about motivation, so you can stay focused throughout your entire workout adventure.


Knowing how long you are doing a specific workout is always important. Fitness Blenders provides this advantage with the timer they have on their screen. Compared to the other YouTube channels on this list, the hosts of this channel is composed of a husband and wife duo. Daniel and Kelli made several videos that cover different fitness tips regarding proper food, and routines.


BeFit is all about providing workout routines made by a group of top professional trainers. They have a whole set of high intensity routines. Most of these focus more on developing one’s agility, power and strength. Their routines are very rigid, so if you’re up for the extra challenge, they would be an excellent choice.


Well Known Fitness Authorities and Workout Blogs


While videos offer the best training resources because you get to watch how to properly do a certain routine, reading fitness blogs will also help you a lot. These provide ample reading materials with the science and theory behind a particular workout or the additional things you will need to do to achieve your fitness goals. They also have plenty of motivational entries to help you get a better mindset.

  • fitness blogs for men


Learn more about the different workout strategies, diet, and other nerdy fitness stuff to improve your performance and your body as well. This blog provides detailed content and has an engaged community. It has built quite a following and have been featured by many mainstream publications.


This website is one of the most popular sites out there where men can access unlimited workout plan without spending a dime. The site is so easy to navigate that you can easily browse training materials, find workout database, and even read their curated best articles related to fitness training.


If you are still in the process of making up your mind whether or not to engage in a fitness workout, then this mammoth site is a great motivator and educator. They offer one of the most extensive resources in men’s health and fitness. The best part is you can access most of these resources for FREE!


When it comes to anything about the health and fitness of the male population, Men’s Health Magazine stands as the most revered resource that everyone turns to. They cover a vast amount of information about new fitness trends, latest workout routines and interesting health tips.


Health is a very complex subject. With My Evolved Body, you get to learn about the different factors that affect fitness. We have plenty of science-backed resources covering health and fitness. Best part is you can access our content for free.


Nick is an Advanced Level 3 personal trainer. Dedication to spreading his love for sports, science and fitness is something that Nick is good at. He has shared plenty of tips and tricks for fitness buffs can you can use. He also provides fitness programs to help anyone get into shape. You can get free workout plans in this category of his blog.




For many, getting in shape may seem to be the hardest job of all. Just look at how New Year’s resolutions on getting fit fail year after year. If it is a struggle to get out of the bed in the morning, try hitting the gym. We all know how difficult it is to start working on your fitness goals. To inspire you to finally take the initial step, there are that can help motivate you to start reaching your goal.




There you have it! You can start digging through these 11 resources to start working out. You won’t have to pay a dime to these people. All you need to do, is  dedicate time and commit to executing what you learn from these free workout plans.


Aside from working out, reading about nutrition can help you get to know and understand what food products you should try, to help you build muscles and lose weight at the same time. Nutrition books can help a lot, and there are plenty of these sold online. Some of them come for free too. You just need to keep your eyes peeled to get free copies. Check out our solutions page if you’re looking for comprehensive, yet less than $15 resources from renowned health experts.


While these resources will help you for free to learn and get started with working out, it won’t hurt to get more acquainted with the science behind the routines you want to try. By doing this, you know how your body can respond to different kinds of exercises, and what to expect after you commit to a certain diet or training based on your body’s physiology.

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