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The first line of our Mission Statement reads: “to elevate personal and environmental health“. This is the driving force behind our Business. As a company we have signed the Evolved Enterprise Declaration and are fully committed to what that entails. We have implemented an Impact Model that has a positive effect on four different (but interconnected) layers, which are described below. It is our Purpose to extend the Impact we create on a daily basis. We take this very serious and we think you will want to as well.


cause partner




As a company we have decided that we want to leverage the benefits we enjoy as a successful business by creating an impact for those that are less fortunate in this world. We invest 10% of our revenue in a dedicated Cause Partner for each of our Business Lines. For My Evolved Body we have chosen to partner with


Integrity and Commitment are two important characteristics of how we want to do Business. We take this to the home front as well. By for example consuming 100% renewable energy; hosting this site on a 100% green data center; using only recycled paper and organic solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable society.


Behind every successful Business there is a top-notch Crew, working day in and day out to make things work. In line with the Evolved Enterprise philosophy we primarily employ crew members from developing countries to spur economic and social growth.


Be fully ethical and honest in all business dealings with customers, suppliers, partners, communities and agencies


Provide transparency for how the organization delivers an impact


Considers how each shareholder is affected by all decisions


Uphold hiring practices that promote employee diversity and empowerment


Seek to continually grow and evolve collectively and individually within the organization


Be seen as an industry and marketplace leader


Stand for something greater than simply one bottom line


Commit to rewriting the rules of business so everyone wins


Considers how each shareholder is affected by all decisions