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Paleo Diet Food List: The Healthiest Way to Eat Like a Caveman – Complete Guide

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Have you ever tried a diet but ended up gaining another pound instead?  Probably, the reason why you are not losing weight even with the effort to restrain yourself from giving up to your cravings is because you do not know what foods should be eaten and what should be avoided. It is so much simpler and easier to achieve healthy weight loss with proper knowledge. Thus, we will be talking more about Paleo diet food list and the foods that you should include in your week’s food menu.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

Before we present the full Paleo diet food list, let us talk about what the paleo diet is all about so readers can understand why it is gaining the interest of many people who want to lose weight successfully without resorting to boring diet.


The Paleo diet is the most effective diet because unlike other kinds of diet, it works with a person’s genetics in order to help them stay as healthy as possible. It does not just make you sexy. It also keeps you energetic, lean and strong. It is the nutritional approach that lets you enjoy fruits, vegetables, fats, nuts, seeds, fish and meat in the healthiest possible way.

It is also referred to as the “caveman diet.” According to Authority Nutrition, this kind of diet tries to emulate the diet of our ancestors who lived thousands years ago. Since additives, chemicals and other substances were not yet present during the Paleolithic age, the Paleo diet encourages people to make their recipes for Paleo diet much simpler and of course the simpler, the better!


The Paleo Diet Food List


Now that you already know what Paleo diet is, it is now time for you to get to know what are the foods you can enjoy while under this kind of diet. Below is the quick reference food list guide that you can use to determine which food to eat and to avoid while under the Paleo diet.



  • Eggs
  • Fish/Seafood
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Grass-fed Meats
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Healthy Oils (avocado, coconut, flaxseed, macadamia, olive and walnut oil)



While this list can be very helpful in achieving the best result from the Paleo diet, it is quite too vague. It is still unclear as to what kind of meat, fish and nuts are the best to consume for a healthy lifestyle. This is why we have decided to come up with the complete list of Paleo diet shopping list. There is no longer a need to worry about choosing the wrong meat, fish or fruits. Now, let us get started with the Paleo diet meat.



Paleo Diet Meat and Egg

Yes, there is no need to give up meat and eggs. Why would you? Those are great source of protein. As long as you stay away from meats that are high in fat and highly processed meats, then you are good to go.











Paleo Diet Fish

Even during the early age of mankind, fishes and seafood are already considered as one of the main foods of men. Thus, they are definitely paleo! Aside from that, fishes are full of good stuff, including omega-3s.











Paleo Diet Seafood

There is no doubt that most people love seafood. Their scrumptious taste is so much to resist! Fortunately, you can continue to enjoy them even when trying to lose weight. Of course, you still have the obligation to watch how much you consume.






Paleo Diet Vegetables

It is true that almost all kinds of vegetables are paleo. However, you should be very careful in choosing the vegetables to eat. Potatoes, squashes and other vegetables with high starch content tend to contain lower nutritional value compared to the carbs, starches and sugar they contain. Yes, they are not bad for you, but they are not always good for you, too.

















Paleo Diet Fruits

People following the Paleo Diet often get their carbon from fruits. Not all fruits can be added into your Paleo diet for weight loss. Below are some of the Paleo-friendly fruits that you can still enjoy even when under the Paleo Diet.











What to Eat on Occasional Basis?


Paleo diet is not as strict as what you think. There are also some foods that can be eaten on an occasional basis. Below are the following:




Is Paleo Diet Effective?


Paleo diet is actually effective. It won’t just help you lose weight and be fit, but it will also turn you into the healthier you. Paleo lifestyle has so many benefits since it only focuses in whole foods, lean meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables.


Take a look of the lifespan of most people these days. Before, men can reach up to more than 100 years old. Today, it is very rare for a human to go beyond 100 years of age. What’s more bothersome is that many people these days die at their 60s, 50s, 40s and worse, at their 30s. It is because of the unhealthy living that people today are used to. Have you ever checked what people across the globe are eating? Pizza, burgers, French fries, canned foods, junk foods, candy and the likes. Can we even call these foods? These are usually processed and full of additives. These are one of the main reasons why the lifespan of people is decreasing from time to time.


However, if we decide not to patronize junk foods and start living in a Paleolithic way, then there is a higher probability that we would be able to increase our lifespan and prevent illnesses.


While we can never fully copy the life of our ancestors, the cavemen, due to the fact that even meats now have chemicals in them, at least, we can do our best to get close to their lifestyle by following the Paleo diet. Now, for the question “Is Paleo diet healthy?” Yes, it is! It is much healthier than the usual diet we are used to.


Helpful Resources to Get Started With Paleo Diet

To get to know more about paleo diet, we compiled some of the most reliable and helpful resources. There is nothing better than getting to know this lifestyle by your own research. We’re here to guide you along the way but going paleo has to be a change of mindset and heart that will need a lot of reading. It has to be a conscious effort to make a change.



So there you go! This is almost a 4000-word epic blog post! If you’re serious in taking your health to the next level, learn all the information here by heart. Trust us, the more you read about paleo, the easier you can remember the foods in a paleo diet. It’s like developing a reflex! or muscle 🙂



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