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Paleo Breakfast Bible


Bacon and Eggs, AGAIN? We all love bacon and eggs! But every day? No way…But fear not! Help is on the way!


There’s so much more when you expand your ideas of what a nourishing, energizing breakfast could be. And you know what the best part is? You DON’T have to be an experienced master chef to make the most wonderfully delicious breakfasts.


If you are a follower of Paleo diet and are looking for easy and yummy breakfast recipes, then this Palen Breakfast Bible is what you have been waiting for!


With Paleo Breakfast Bible, you will never leave your home unsatisfied in the morning.


Superbly presented, with easy-to-follow instructions and color photos for each recipe, the Paleo Breakfast Bible contains popular classics as Omelets, scrambles, pancakes and crepes. This book offers a wide collection of exciting and unusual breakfasts for you to enjoy. Egg pizzas, pumpkin waffles, meaty crepes, zucchini pancakes and sweet potato dishes are just a few of the tantalizing new Paleo recipes for breakfast which await you.


You can make every recipe in the book, for anyone, even if boiling water is a challenge for you. You can enjoy the most tastebud-tingling meals.


And if you’re in a rush in the morning? This is not a problem. Mornings can be crazy sometimes. You have to rush, get ready for the day, eat breakfast and get out of the house in the quickest time possible. But never think of avoiding your breakfast. It provides fuel for your day ahead. So you HAVE to make the time. With the Paleo Breakfast Bible, you’ll see that ALL of the meals can be put together in MINUTES.


With all the benefits of the Paleo Diet, it is no wonder that it is the fastest-growing eating philosophy around the world. Just make sure that you make delicious Paleo breakfasts for you and your family that will keep everyone in the “Yummy” mode!


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