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Paleo Eats


Sometimes you want a dish that looks like it is coming straight from a 5-star restaurant’s kitchen. Other nights, a meal you can just throw together between work and soccer practice fits the bill.


With Paleo Eats, either way, you’re covered.


No matter what the occasion is, get ready to taste simple, easy and delicious Paleo dishes at your home!


Inside this book, you will find 80 Paleo gourmet recipes that are carefully prepared by an experienced and professional Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. (In the field of gastronomy, that’s a pretty big deal. Le Cordon Bleu is a very prestigious school, renowned for providing the highest level of culinary education in the world.) In fact, honestly speaking, some of the dishes are so good that they have been featured in Bon Appetite magazine as well as Food & Wine.


You can see for yourself that in the Paleo community, quality recipe books are written by trained and experienced chefs.


Note these points why you should definitely get your copy of Paleo Eats right now:


  1. Each recipe is created by a professionally trained chef who is highly regarded in the Paleo community.
  2. Each recipe is simple, tasty and easy to prepare. It can usually be prepared in 30 minutes
  3. The recipes are delicious as well as nutritious.
  4. All the recipes in the book are Paleo-friendly and made:
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Grain free
  • Sugar free
  • Soy free
  • No processed ingredients


The Paleo recipes are designed for the person who wants to prepare something really good and nutritious, but doesn’t have the time to prepare a rich gourmet meal.


Hence, Paleo Eats is specially written for the Paleo person who is looking for more than the usual Beef and Steamed Broccoli.


So, eat for better health and weight loss in the Paleo way with the book- “Paleo Eats.”


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