Trying to find genuine and accurate information about how to improve your health? Nowadays you can find information about everything and everyone on the Internet. And for every topic or solution you browse, you find hundreds of pro and con arguments, often sometimes supported by questionable scientific research. Knowingly or unknowingly you sign up for mailing lists. As a result, you get bombarded with emails, ads and posts. No wonder information overload is a real issue these days. It becomes very hard to really know what is good and what is bad for your health. And more importantly, what is the best for YOU to achieve YOUR specific health goals.

“Your Body Is A Reflection Of Your Lifestyle”


Are you fed up with receiving the unreliable and overwhelming health information? Start making better choices! This is where we come in. We discern all the information that is out there and perform a detailed selection and deciphering process. What you get from us here is:



The articles provide you with no-nonsense, no-fluff, high value content. Each article aims to be unique, actionable, informative, engaging and current. Check them out and learn something new today!

Learn More


The hard work has been done for you of sifting though the plethora of solutions out there and have come up with a shortlist of recommended, actual results producing solutions.

Do More


Just as you should follow a holistic approach to health, we follow a holistic approach to impact. We go full-circle of delivering impact to you, for a good cause, by our company and with our crew.

Achieve more

These ingredients are required for you to achieve your desired outcome and make an actual impact on your health.


 Let’s get started!

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Actionable & Informative Articles

Bored of the same article everywhere? In our articles, you will find no-nonsense and no fluff, only valuable content. The articles that you can read here, are written with the following criteria in mind:


UNIQUE – All articles are self-written, no copies of articles you have already read somewhere else.


INFORMATIVE – You will definitely learn something useful as we have cut the fluff and go for the actual content.


ACTIONABLE – You will be able to take immediate action on the information you have just read.


ENGAGING – It addresses questions, concerns, and problems that people just like you are dealing with.


CURRENT – It looks at the latest trends, scientific discoveries, and development.


Health tips and tricks from various sources often conflict with each other. We sum up the best health tips and tricks that we have verified to be of use for you!

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If you are serious about your health and are committed to make a real impact and effective changes in your life to actually achieve your goals, you need to GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! Hopefully, by now you have read some of the articles above and have got ideas already. In order to get you going, we have created a short list of highly recommended solutions to support you. The SOLUTIONS we recommend to you, have stood the test of time and of the number of people that have succeeded with it and have been carefully selected to meet your specific needs.

So, this is the moment of truth! Ask yourself: “ Are you COMMITTED or only interested?” This will make a huge difference. No more excuses. Decide now and get started today!

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The more you learn about health and fitness; the ways to improve your lifestyle; and where to go for the right help, the more you will feel that you are in control and can expect a better quality of life.


Holistic Approach to Health


Personal Health as an overall concept, needs to be approached in a holistic way. The most common way to categorize an holistic approach to personal health, is through the widely known concept of:


MIND   –   BODY   –   SPIRIT


And we certainly agree with that. It is our purpose to help you find quality products and information that cover these aspects. This specific website (myevolvedbody.com), focuses on articles and solutions for BODY. Please see the About Us page for MY EVOLVED HEALTH sources that cover MIND and SPIRIT (as well as ENVIRONMENT).

Pillars of Health


Physical health (BODY) also needs to be approached in a holistic way. The two main pillars of physical health are NUTRITION and EXERCISE. Nutrition is what you put IN and ON your body. Exercise is what you do WITH your Body. The third pillar of Health is MOTIVATION. Without motivation we would not get anything done…




In order to achieve your specific Health Goals, you will need to work on each pillar, and in addition, you do need to find a balance between them. For example, you can not achieve six pack abs by exercise only. Nutrition plays a very big role in achieving that as well. The balance required for your health goal, is addressed within the specific Solution. The number 1 constant is Motivation. Whether you are actually motivated, or you just will-power yourself through a workout, motivation always needs to be there.


Each Pillar has been sub-divided into several Solutions as they are categorized on on the Solutions page. Nutrition Solutions: Paleo Diet, Superfoods, Supplements and Dietary Regimen. Exercise Solutions: Exercise Programs and Exercise Tools. Motivation: Achievement Systems.

MEB Health Concept

Motivation  –  Action  –  Knowledge


 Just as you need a balance of Nutrition and Exercise solutions to achieve your physical health goals, you need a balance in “what you know you must do” (knowledge), “why you do what you do” (motivation) and “doing what you need to do” (action). If  you take a lot of action, but do not actually know what is good for you, you could be labeled as an “Excited Idiot“. And you might even end up hurting yourself in the process. If you have all the knowledge in the world about what to do to achieve your desired outcome, but take no action to actually realize it, you could be labeled as a: “Lazy Genius“. Both situations do not help you succeed…. You need the right balance of Action and Knowledge. What helps you achieve that balance is Motivation. You need motivation to learn about what is good for you. And you need motivation to take action upon what you have learned.




On this website you will learn about what is good for you (knowledge), you will learn about what you can do to achieve your results (action) and you will learn how to make a plan to get and stay motivated (motivation). And you will be referred to additional sources of information should you be interested to go into more and deeper details.

You will learn more about this when you start spending more time with us. Obviously, you cannot do everything at once, so you need to start somewhere. Anywhere is fine, but the important thing is that you START! Make us your Starting Point now and make your health a priority in your busy life!


That was the question at the top of the website. Now it is time to make your choice and get to work. What is it that you struggle with? What is it that you want to improve? What kind of person do you want to become? Click on the icon that best represents your HEALTH GOAL which you want to achieve. It will take you directly to the dedicated page for your specific Health Goal.








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Baked-In Impact

The driving force behind our business is best summed up in the first line of our Mission Statement:  “To elevate personal and environmental health.” This statement motivates us to provide the optimal personal health solutions for you and for your planet. As a company, we have signed the Evolved Enterprise Declaration and are fully committed to follow what it entails; implemented an Impact Model that has a positive effect on four different (but interconnected) layers, which are described below. It is our Mission to extend the Impact we create on a daily basis. We take this seriously, and we think you will too!



First and foremost we are here to help our Customers create Impact related to the goals they want to achieve. Whether it is to have more energy, sleep better, gain more strength, lose some weight and generally improve your health.

cause partner

Cause Partner

As a company we have decided that we want to leverage the benefits we enjoy as a successful business by creating an impact for those that are less fortunate in this world. We invest 10% of our revenue in a dedicated Cause Partner for each of our Business Lines.



Integrity and Commitment are two important characteristics of how we want to do Business. We take this to the home front as well. By for example consuming 100% renewable energy; hosting this site on a 100% green data center; using only recycled paper and organic solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable society.



Behind every successful Business there is a top-notch Crew, working day in and day out to make things work. In line with the Evolved Enterprise philosophy we primarily employ crew members from developing countries to spur economic and social growth.